This feature will help you modify your participants’ permissions before the session starts. You can get full control of what your students can do and see in the room before opening it.


In order to access the Advanced settings menu, click on the Virtual classrooms menu tab (1) from the left-side menu. Then click on the +Create new room button. (2) On the virtual classroom creation page you will see the Advanced settings (3) option. Click on it to expand the menu.

Speaking/listening is the first section of the advanced settings.

This category allows you to select whether the user’s’ microphone and audio are on or off by default. Default for both is “Yes”.

Access to the Whiteboard is the next section on the list.

This category lets you select the permissions for participants interaction with the whiteboard. You can choose whether they can see the whiteboard, write on the whiteboard, edit objects on it or be presenters. All of them are set to “Yes” by default, except the presenter option, which is set to “No”.

Next up we have the Chat system.

This category allows you to set up chat permissions for participants. You can choose whether participants can see the chat, write in it and use personal chat. The default setting for all of them is “Yes”.

Following that is Video.

This category allows you to set up permissions for individual video. “No” is the default for individual video, since participants’ videos are in the video mosaic by default.

After the video section we have Mosaic.

This category allows you to set up permissions for the video mosaic. Both seeing the video mosaic and being present in the video mosaic are set to “Yes” by default.

Finally, we have the Download category.

Here you can set up participants’ permissions for downloading and uploading files. It allows you to regulate whether participants can see the upload box and whether they can upload and download files. The default setting for accessing the upload box and downloading files is “Yes”, while for uploading files it is “No”

After adjusting your desired settings, you can click on the Start now button in order to begin the session.

As a tutor, you will be opening the virtual classroom through your own account. Your students, however, won’t need an account in order to enter the room and will simply need to put in a name when entering.

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