Here are the prerequisites on how to add participants to your course:

All students you want to add to a course must have accounts created on your platform first.

Also, you must have created

  • at least one course with lessons, added to that package (packages are optional);
  • at least one schedule for your course.

To add participants to your course:

Step 1

Log into your Learning Management System with your Organisation / Administrator account.

Click on Courses from the left-side menu.

Look for the course where you want to add participants.


Step 2

Once there, click on either the Add Participants (if you want to enroll individual students) or Add Groups icon (if you want to enroll a whole group of students at once).


Step 3

A new window will appear, where you can select the participants/groups, and then select the Schedule for those participants.

Press Save.

You will then see a message denoting that you’ve enrolled the participants successfully.


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