The Billing and Upgrade option on your LMS Dashboard allows you to purchase additional features for your subscription plan.

Upgrade your Learning Management System subscription

Once you have purchased the Premium Subscription plan for your Learning Management System, you have the option of upgrading your plan at any time.

In order to do that, log into your account and click on the Billing and Upgrade button on your Dashboard.

On the menu that appears, you will see the features of your Learning Management System to your right.

Move the sliders to add the features you need.

Once you have made your selection, click on Update to confirm your purchase.


On the next page you can see your billing details pre-populated from your previous purchase.

In case anything has changed, you can edit them here.

The Order summary shows you the breakdown of your purchase.

Click on Complete purchase in order to continue with the process.


The next page contains the details you filled in from your last purchase including the card you used.

Fill in your CVV code in order to confirm the purchase.

Alternatively, if your card has expired, or you would like to use a different one for your current purchase,

you may click on Credit/Debit card under Other payment methods.

Once ready, click on Continue to finalize your payment.


This will take you to a Success page, where you can get the invoice for your purchase via the Download your invoicebutton.

Click on To your Dashboard when ready to go back to your account Dashboard.

You can easily access invoices and details for your previous purchases

by clicking the Billing and Upgrade button on your Dashboard and then navigating to the Invoices tab.

NOTE :  In order to be able to update your payment details you will need to terminate your current plan via the “Billing and Upgrade” menu and place a new order, where you may update your card details. The process will be complete once you have made a successful payment.

Should you choose to terminate your current plan, however, please keep in mind that your history, documents and all other information will not be deleted, but will be stored according to VEDAMO’s policies.

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