The Premium Subscription for the VEDAMO Learning Management System offers a host of further benefits in addition to the features of our 30-days trial plan. The following guide will detail the process to go through in order to find out what those benefits are, choose the subscription plan that’s right for you or your organisation and create your brand new Premium Learning Management System on VEDAMO.

Pricing page

In order to create a new account and subscribe for the Premium LMS plan, please click on the Pricing page link located in the header of the VEDAMO homepage. The pricing page of our website contains details regarding the VEDAMO Virtual Classroom and Learning Management System.

Click on Pricing to go Vedamo's Pricing page
Click on Pricing to go to the Pricing page

Pricing page FAQs

Here you can check FAQs regarding the plan of your choice, see all of the features it will grant you and how they can help you.

Here is a quick breakdown of the features of the Premium LMS subscription plan:

By subscribing to the premium version (35 EUR package), you get access to the following features

Press Select to sign up for Vedamo's Premium Learning Management Sytem plan
Press Select to sign up for the Premium Learning Management System plan


One virtual classroom (1 teacher w/ up to 25 students)

You gain access to a virtual classroom where one teacher can teach up to 25 students. You can also add more classrooms to your plan as necessary. The licence per classroom is 20 EUR and each licence allows you to open one more classroom at the same time. You also receive an additional 5 GB of storage space per classroom.

Guest users

Allows you to open virtual classrooms where you can invite participants who have not registered an account on your LMS.

Interactive archives

Lets you view recordings of past lessons from the point of view of each participant. You can also download the recordings as a video file. Each registered user can see a recording of their past sessions through their account. Guest users, however, cannot access recordings.

Recordings are stored on your academy and take up storage space. You also have the option of turning them off. See the Account and Settings – General Information article for more information on how to do that;


You can create and publish as many courses as you want;

Course lessons

You can create as many lessons as you want per course;

Quizzes and tests

Allows you to create quizzes as part of a course or assign them directly to a group of students.

Messaging system

Gain access to the internal messaging system, which you can use to quickly send messages to anyone with a registered account on your LMS;

User accounts

Lets you create up to 25 accounts on your LMS. You also have the option of purchasing additional accounts if needed, or even a licence for an unlimited number of accounts. Use the “user accounts” drop-down menu to review the price for the number of accounts you want;


Grants you 6 GB of file storage ( + 5 GB per classroom licence). You also have the option of purchasing additional storage.


You and your students will receive automatic system notifications for events in the system (e.g. student subscribes to a course, upcoming lessons, etc. ).

Custom branding

Lets you upload a custom logo for your LMS and the virtual classrooms you open. For further details, check the article Account and Settings – General Information.

Once you’re ready, you can click on SELECT to start the purchase process.




Create your account

On the next page, you will be asked to create your Account and select a name for your Learning Management System, as well as its features.

Select a name for your academy (1), Then select the features you want from the following list (2):

Select the number of users accounts you would like to have from the User Accounts dropdown menu;

The Virtual Classrooms menu lets you add multiple Virtual Classroom licenses. You can open as many virtual classrooms simultaneously as the number of licenses you have purchased. Each virtual classroom licence also adds 5 GB on top of your current storage quota;

Finally, if you want to add additional storage for file uploads and session recordings, you can do that through the Additional storage dropdown menu.

The system will calculate the price of the features (3).

Finally, put in your First, Email address and password (4) in order to create an account for the system. Your email address will be entered as the Organisation email for the system and your account will be an Organisation account.

Finally, click on NEXT (5) to continue.

This is how the page will look once all the fields have been filled in.

Billing details page

The next menu lets you put in your City (1) and Billing Address (2).

The Order summary (3) section lets you see the features you will be buying, as well as a breakdown of the price for each one and the overall price for the package.

Tick the Add company details (4) box, to include your Company Name, VAT Number and Company number (5), which will appear on your invoice.

Once done, click on COMPLETE PURCHASE to get to the payment page.

Here is how the Billing details page looks when completely filled in.

Payment page

Next is the payment page, where you would input the final part of your billing details. Double-check if your Country (1) and Address are correctly entered, then put in your Zip code (2) and Phone number (3).

On the bottom of that page you have several fields where you would input your card details (4). Once done, click on CONTINUE to finalise your purchase.


This is how the Payment page looks when completely filled in.

Success page

Once the purchase has been completed, you will be redirected to a success page.

You can click on DOWNLOAD YOUR INVOICE (1) to receive your invoice right away.

Click on TO YOUR DASHBOARD (2) when ready.

Email confirmation

Finally, the system will alert you that you have received an email with a confirmation link.

Go to the email address you registered for your account and click on the link in the email sent from VEDAMO to confirm your email address and access your account.

The link will redirect you to your account dashboard. From there you can start using your newly created academy. To find more about the Dashboard and further features of your new Learning Management System, click on the NEXT ARTICLE below.

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