The learning management system gives you access to the Messages menu, which allows internal communications between accounts in the LMS. It is also the place to check any messages and notifications you may receive either automatically from the system or manually from the Organisation account.

Accessing your messages and notifications

You can access the Messages section through the left side menu that appears when you are on your dashboard.

This section of the Dashboard menu may be used for communication by anyone who has an account in your Academy. This includes students, teachers and administrators.

Once you have chosen the Messages tab from your Dashboard, you will be able to see your Inbox. This is where you will be able to see any incoming messages and notifications from anyone in your Academy.

The screen below is how your inbox will look when empty.

This is how your inbox will look when you have received a message.


Via the Sent button you have the option of viewing the messages you have already sent.


Under the Trash sub-section you will be able to view all the messages you have marked for deletion.

You can mark one or more messages by placing a tick in the box next to the message(s) in question. Once done, you will have several additional options:

  • Mark as unread/read: You can mark the message as either read or unread, depending on its current status.
  • Trash icon:  You can either mark the message as read/unread or send it to the trash sub-section.
  • When one of you messages has been sent to the Trash sub-section you can view it from there.You have the option of restoring it to the Inbox or Sent sub-sections, marking it as unread, or deleting it permanently.

Compose a message

To compose a new message, click on the green Compose button.

All of the standard text formatting options, such as making your text bold, italic, underlined, strike-through, etc., are available to you.

You may attach a file to your message via the Choose attachment  button.

You also have the option of placing a link inside your message via the  icon.

Typical notifications you may receive include:

  • Purchase notification: You get this as a student after having subscribed to a course;
  • Upcoming lesson notification: You get this as either a student or teacher 24 hours and 1 hour before a lesson you are taking part in starts;
  • Lesson invitation: As a student, once a tutor opens a virtual classroom for one of your lessons, you will receive a notification with the link to the virtual classroom.

All of the notifications you receive in your account will also be sent to you as emails.


The next menu item is the File Library, which allows you to upload files, distribute them in folders and share them with everyone on your LMS.

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