Integrate and use Vedamo Virtual Classroom in Canvas

Use the steps below to integrate Vedamo Virtual Classroom in Canvas:

1. Login to Canvas
2. Go to your active course
3. Choose a module and click on “+​” button. A modal window “Add Module​” will appear.
4. In the modal window:
Enter a name for the Module
5. Click “Add Module”

How to use Vedamo Virtual Classroom in Canvas and add it a module
Enter a name for your new module

6. On the newly created module. Click on “+​” button. A modal window “Add Item​” will appear.
7. In the modal window:
Select the option “External tool”​ from the dropdown “Add​”
Select the Vedamo Virtual Classroom​ tool from the list of external tools
Click “Add item​”. The modal window disappears.

Add item to Module in Canvas allows you to add an External tool to Canvas LMS
“Add item” modal window

8. Make sure both the Module and the external tool are (Vedamo Virtual Classroom)
9. Click on the external tool “Vedamo Virtual Classroom”
10. Click on “+ Start a new session” button in order to be redirected to the session.
11. Allow your microphone and audio devices when system asks you to do so and proceed to the next step. When the system check is done you will be able to enter the session

The process of entering the Vedamo virtual classroom, know as system check
Vedamo system check window

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