Virtual Classroom Simple View Mode

The Virtual Classroom Simple view mode allows you to hide excess tools and icons in the room. This helps you focus your attention on the contents of the whiteboard.

How it works?

When switching it on, all controls except those in the header of the virtual classroom and the functional windows for the media player and individual video disappear. The result is less cluttered work space and the focus is on the whiteboard.

This is how the virtual classroom looks in the mode:

What the Virtual Classroom looks like in Simple View
Simple View mode on

Alternatively, you can turn the mode on from the slider button in your Personal Settings drop down menu:

How to turn off/on the Simple View from the dropdown menu
Turning Simple View On/Off from the drop down menu

Exiting simple view

To exit the mode click the button on the bottom left corner or click on the option in the drop-down menu shown above. Simple view is on by default while in Presentation mode. So far we have covered the functional windows and the tools relating to using the whiteboard. The next article is dedicated to the Participant controls.

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