Virtual Classroom Synchronised browsing mode

The Virtual Classroom Synchronised browsing mode can put in sync┬áthe Participants‘ screen with the Tutor’s screen. This means the participants see what the Presenter sees on his/her screen, including the following

  • Zooming in/out
  • Screen Pan
  • Changing the pages in the room
  • Showing and hiding the Media Player

NOTE: Participants can still use their local settings but whenever the Presenter moves their screen these settings will be synchronized again.

In Synchronised mode the participants cannot:

  • Switch pages on their own
  • See the content on any other pages


To turn on synchronized browsing, just click on the Synchronise browsing checkbox:

How to turn synchronised browsing on
Turning synchronised browsing on

Other participants will see an indicator in the same spot that they are in this mode now:

This is how synchronised browsing looks like from the participants view
Synchronise browsing from participants view

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