ERYIA Online Education is a language teaching organization which offers courses in English and German as foreign languages that are conducted exclusively online. They hold live online classes for professionals from 20 to 50 years of age, who participate from their homes or offices using VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom. 

ERYIA Online Education was founded by Eva Bošković, who has a background in teaching English and German as foreign languages. After graduating with honors from her Master’s degree studies and traveling the world for two years, Eva decided to put into practice everything she had learned until then. Thus, she created ERYIA Online Education – a place on the internet where online language education is efficient and accessible to everyone.

The ERYIA course program is conducted exclusively online and is attended by professionals from 20 to 50 years of age who need to improve their English and German language skills mostly for the purposes of general or business communication. The courses are based on the most contemporary approaches in the field of language teaching theory.

ERYIA Online Education was looking for a highly interactive virtual environment that covered all aspects of language teaching and that is when they discovered VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom. Thanks to VEDAMO, the adult learners are able to attend live online classes from the convenience of their own homes. They can have an experience that is similar to the traditional classroom without spending any time or money on traveling. Eva says that in the Virtual Classroom students feel more relaxed because they are at home and the setting is more informal. This makes it suitable even for introverts as it removes both psychological and emotional barriers, and encourages their active participation.

According to ERYIA Online Education’s team, the key benefit of VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom is that it has a very simple user interface, while still being fully functional for all of their teaching needs, especially when it comes to those of an online language school. ERYIA Online Education chose VEDAMO because it provides their students with a virtual classroom that is easy to connect to and because ERYIA can always rely on VEDAMO’s prompt and professional customer support.

ERYIA Online Education: Vedamo Vrtual Classroom Success Story

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