What is an LMS – Part 2

Well, in part 1 we covered the basics: what is LMS (Learning Management System), why it exists, and what problems it solves. It’s time to go a bit deeper into this topic and focus on what is important in an LMS. User-Friendly I was hesitating between this term and intuitive,…

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What is an LMS – Part 1

How to prepare accessible and engaging content for your virtual classroom sessions

Promote your online courses through a Facebook business page

In one of our previous articles we stressed the benefits of creating your own blog. Now we are turning to Facebook as one of the main channels that you should to use to promote your online teaching business. Why Facebook? Facebook is the most widely used social media platform in…

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E-Learning Business Applications: CMS, LMS, & LCMS

Applications known as: Content Management Systems (CMS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), and Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) play a significant role in the development and growth of the e-learning industry. Today, most businesses and educational centers (universities, institutes, colleges, and schools) use e-learning tools as an integral part of their…

How to start your personal teaching blog

Blogging started as a personal web journal in which a person would describe their daily routine and activities. However, with today’s extensive use of the internet, it is now expected that a website will have its own blog page that will be used to deliver valuable content to its users,…

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Survey: Do future teachers feel prepared for virtual classroom instruction?

In recent years, synchronous virtual classrooms have become more and more popular as a way of simulating the learner’s experience in a traditional classroom, while building on the new opportunities offered by interactive online environments. The successful implementation of these innovative solutions and models in the field of education is…

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7 steps to sell your online course

The moment has arrived – you have gone through the demo session, created your VEDAMO account, read all the important instructions, and you are now ready to start teaching online. Congratulations! Your next adventure now awaits – finding new students. It is time to learn some important marketing tricks that…

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