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Introductory Training for Online Teaching and Learning

This course is an introduction to online teaching. It provides basic knowledge and skills for delivering online training and training in general.

It is for:

  • starting teachers, tutors, instructors, and facilitators
  • experienced educators who want to refresh their knowledge or build up confidence

Course Objectives

The course aims to develop skills to:

  • define and distinguish online, blended, and hybrid learning
  • apply successful training methods
  • set learning goals, plan a full course and live sessions
  • manage sessions in a physical and virtual classroom
  • create a positive group atmosphere

Course Structure

The course includes:

  • 19 video lectures with straightforward explanations and real-world examples
  • 19 quizzes to check understanding and enhance memorizing 
  • links to additional resources
  • final quiz

Course Mode

Asynchronous, self-paced


  • short quiz after each video lecture
  • final quiz at the end of the course

Certificate of Completion from VEDAMO is issued for a score of 80% or higher

Time commitment

12 hours (including the additional resources)


Module 1: How to use effective training methods and approaches

  1. 1
    Different types of training supported by digital technology
  2. 2
    Synchronous and asynchronous online learning
  3. 3
    Blended online training and flipped classroom
  4. 4
    Hybrid teaching
  5. 5
    Collaborative learning
  6. 6
    Engagement and gamification
  7. 7
    Problem-based learning
  8. 8
    Field trips
  9. 9
    Guest mentor/teacher
  10. 10
    Case studies
  11. 11
    Giving and receiving feedback

Module 2: How to design effective training programs

  1. 12
    Defining training goals
  2. 13
    Conducting needs analysis
  3. 14
    Designing a course outline

Module 3: How to plan a live session

  1. 15
    Why you need a session plan
  2. 16
    Planning the activities and the timekeeping
  3. 17
    Planning activities for different learning styles

Module 4: How to manage a live session

  1. 18
    Understanding group dynamics
  2. 19
    Creating a positive group atmosphere

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