Use cases

VEDAMO combines a synchronous virtual classroom – where real-time live sessions take place, with an asynchronous learning environment - a platform with pre-made materials for self-preparation and self-paced learning. VEDAMO provides not only a powerful web conference tool but a complete learning system to help the educational organizations easily manage their teachers, courses and users.


VEDAMO is the perfect education platform for teachers and educators who want to enrich the traditional learning process with the capabilities of interactive distance learning.

  • Ensure that every child's potential has been reached, enabling live one-by-one or group sessions for students who need additional help or have missed traditional lectures
  • Pique your students' interest and enrich the learning materials with engaging media content
  • Support your students' learning outside the classroom, storing and sharing your resources
  • Follow their progress using quizzes, participation reports and homeworks in one integrated grading system
  • Encourage teamwork using breakout rooms and live group assignments

File Sharing

Prepare all educational materials and upload them into the system via the built-in upload box. Then you can easily share them with all participants regardless of the file format - .pdf, .xlsx, .ppt, .dox, .jpeg, etc...

Media Player

Enrich the lesson/presentation and make it more attractive to all participants, using audio and video files.


Divide participants into groups and assign them personalized tasks, simultaneously monitoring the completion progress.

Web conferencing

Take the next step and expand your business using VEDAMO. Conduct webinars to boost your sales or train your teams. Invite up to 25 participants with just one click. Share your desktop, collaborate on documents in real time and run a web conference one-to-one or one-to-many.


Communicate with all participants during your presentation or lesson via our high-quality audio-visual conferencing tool.

25 active participants

Conduct your lesson, presentation or discussion with up to 25 participants. Share your ideas with up to 1000 observers.


Use the whiteboard to visualize information, ideas, exercises. You can interact and work together with all participants.

Business communi-cation

No matter the size of your business, VEDAMO is the easiest way to organize your work with remote teams or clients. Set up your meetings or training in just one click. VEDAMO is accessible on almost any platform and device.

Mobile and tablet-friendly

You can access your classroom from anywhere with your Windows, iOS and Android devices.

Customize the system

You can organize your working space within the virtual room for maximum convenience.