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Free webinar

How to adapt your way of teaching online

If you are a traditional teacher who wants to start teaching in a virtual classroom or if you have already started but you still do not feel comfortable with it – sign up for this webinar.

Each teacher has his own way of teaching. Virtual Classroom platforms are pretty flexible, so you can easily find your way of teaching online. Also, you can use a lot of materials which are available online.


  1. What we usually use in a traditional classroom
  2. What do we need to organize an interactive online lesson
  3. How to adapt our materials for a virtual classroom session
  4. What kind of activities are suitable for an online environment
  5. Q & A


Svetlana Savova

                   Online teacher

Svetlana has a Virtual Teacher specialization from the University of California, Irvine. She used to teach Literature to high school students at a traditional school. For the past 8 years she has been conducting Leadership and Motivation, and English as a Second Language online courses for teenagers and adults.

She works as a Partnerships & Sales Director at VEDAMO and has a vast amount of experience in the e-learning industry.

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