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Practical Guide: Language Teaching in a Virtual Classroom




Almost every person in the world starts learning a foreign language at some point. Students learn a language as they use it to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, establish relationships with family members, friends, etc.

To be a language teacher could be challenging! How to cover all the aspects of foreign language learning – writing, reading, listening, and speaking – in an online environment? How to effectively track the progress of your students, whatever their age and location? These are some of the questions we will try to answer during this webinar.

If you are a foreign language teacher, a tutor, a language school administrator, or a person passionate about the topic, join us!


  1. What features do you need in a virtual classroom platform when it comes to language teaching?
  2. Writing activities in a virtual classroom
  3. Reading activities in a virtual classroom
  4. Listening activities in a virtual classroom
  5. Speaking activities in a virtual classroom
  6. How to track the students’ engagement online
  7. Tips and Tricks – How to get your classroom ready?
  8. Q & A


Svetlana Savova

                   Online teacher

Svetlana has a Virtual Teacher specialization from the University of California, Irvine. She used to teach Literature to high school students at a traditional school. For the past 8 years she has been conducting Leadership and Motivation, and English as a Second Language online courses for teenagers and adults.

She works as a Partnerships & Sales Director at VEDAMO and has a vast amount of experience in the e-learning industry.

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