The Attendance report in the LMS is a functionality that allows you to monitor attendance for students and teachers taking part in your virtual classroom sessions. This works only for scheduled virtual classroom sessions included in a course. Teachers can also write in Participation scores and assignment scores for the students and include notes on their performance during the session. Organisation, Administration and Teacher accounts have access to the Attendance menu. However, Teacheronly have access to the report for virtual classrooms which they have opened.


In order to see the attendance report for your sessions, click on the Attendance menu item from the left-side menu. You will see a list of all scheduled virtual classroom sessions:

Attendance menu location
Go to the menu on your left side and click the Attendance menu


In order to access details for a specific session, click on the Users button. In the menu which appears you can see whether the room was opened…

Attendance list
You can track how many rooms have been opened

…and which students actually accessed the room:

Track which students have been present in the live sessions

Additionally, you have the option of filling in participation scores, a testing grade and comments regarding the student’s performance.

Attendance details notes
You can type in additional notes and give grades to each student individually

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