2013 Founded
2014 VEDAMO Virtual Classroom Launch
2015 VEDAMO Learning Management System launch
2016 Prize for Social Innovation of the Year
2017 Nomination at Webit Awards

What is Our Vision?

We want change – to take online education to the next level by making e-learning more efficient, easy and accessible to everyone!

What is Our Goal?

We are focused on opportunities to continuously improve the access to education through innovative solutions. Our efforts are aimed at providing top-quality e-learning tools to tutors, teaching organisations and corporations. VEDAMO is designed to support teaching professionals and organisations to start new business projects, to increase their volume while reducing logistics and overheads, to enable working with a wide range of users regardless of their location, and to better manage and diversify their traditional face-to-face training.


VEDAMO was created by tutors to tutors for the needs of education. We are driven by the idea that tutors don’t need just technology and software. They need to make their way of teaching more comprehensible and engaging with minimum effort. The modern education is focused on blending traditional and online learning.


From the very beginning VEDAMO was shaped by many interactions with children. The platform has a rich set of features which allows tutors to easily manage groups of young kids. It is also simple and intuitive for both kids and non-technically savvy users, and is cloud based so no installation is needed.

What We Do?

VEDAMO web-based platform provides different forms of online and blended tutoring in one infrastructure. It consists of two key modules:

VEDAMO Виртуална Класна Стая

Enables interactive video-conferencing online tutoring with rich functionality for collaborative work.

VEDAMO Система за управление на обучението

Provides the entire infrastructure for creating, managing, assessing and delivering tailor-made educational programs and content to various learners at their preferred pace, scale and format.

Професионализмът на Вашата компания ме впечатлява всеки път. Ще дам всичко от себе си да популяризирам ВЕДАМО, защото ме карате да се чувствам част от екипа.

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Пол Едгар,
Microteach eLearning Solutions, Южна Африка

В продуктите на VEDAMO доверие имат много:

  • Частни учители

  • Малки обучителни организации

  • Детски градини и училища

  • Университети

  • Корпорации

Централен офис: ул. Шипка № 36, гр. София 1504, България, ДДС номер: BG201907369, ID на компанията: 201907369, info@vedamo.com