CoSN Annual Conference 2018

CoSN Annual Conference 2018, Washington DC

The first day of CoSN/UNESCO Global Symposium on Digital Citizenship was devoted to the role of education in ensuring students are responsible digital citizens. It brought together leaders from across the world to discuss this important topic in Washington DC.


We took part in the Monumental Impact: Advocacy Dinner & Auction. All proceeds from the auction will help science teachers, researchers and students to realize a planned expedition. The dinner was also held to
support CoSN’s critical advocacy efforts and help them provide a vibrant and equal learning environment to the 13 million students they serve. #CoSN2018 #elearning #digitalage #teaching #innovation#VedamoElearning

For three days in March (12-15), almost 1,000 edtech leaders descended on Washington, DC to connect, learn, network, and share solutions.

Starting with an international focus, CoSN/UNESCO Global Symposium  highlighted the essential digital-citizenship skills needed by students to be successful in today’s global environment. The one-day program featured an engaging and interactive format with panelists, keynote speakers, Passport to the World, and Global Ignite sessions seeking answers to questions like:

Can technology be used to improve digital citizenship?
To what extent is technology providing new challenges to digital citizenship?
How should we access information effectively and form good mechanisms to evaluate its accuracy?

More than 130 sessions were available to attendees on topics relating to student data privacy, digital equity, future classroom learning, the role of AI in future learning, emerging technologies and more.



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