New features 27.06.2018

VEDAMO supports iPhone OS

Now you can use the Virtual classroom with iOS. We extend the possibilities with adding iOS 11 or higher and Microsoft Edge in the supported list, along with Windows, Linux and Android operating systems.
See Vedamo`s technical requirements.

CANVAS and MOODLE integration

Now Vedamo Virtual classroom can be integrated with Canvas, Moodle v.2 and Moodle v.3. You can make your online courses even more engaging by conducting live interactive classes with your learners in the Vedamo Virtual classroom.


One simple way to make your content more powerful is to test your learners and see their progress. Use VEDAMO’s new QUIZ Function and create different type of questions:

  • Multiple Choice with one correct answer
  • Multiple Choice with more than one correct answer
  • Free text (for essay, assignment, etc.)
  • Matching / Drag and drop
  • Matching in the blanks
  • Fill in the gaps

And even more: Statistics, quiz time limit, tries’ limit, automatic results, etc.


Adriana Kubanska, Technical support at VEDAMO offers user-friendly assistance for individuals having technical problems with electronic devices, cases with Internet usage according to services we provide.
VEDAMO Virtual Classroom
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VEDAMO Virtual Classroom
Successful stories of live teaching.