What’s new at VEDAMO e-learning platform? - 22.03.2018

To make your work easier, the VEDAMO team has created some new useful features:

German language version

We introduced a new German version of our website! Now you can choose either German, English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, or Bulgarian from the language dropdown menu.


See the Virtual Classroom in action with the new Training Template

To give first-time users of our platform some quick insight into how the VEDAMO Virtual Classroom works, we designed the “See It in Action” training template. This new training template will help you hit the ground running in VEDAMO’s virtual classroom, as it showcases the room’s basic functionalities and provides brief explanations of its key features. We also included some simple tasks and exercises that you can complete in order to get a practical grasp of how the room works. See it in action.

Session Recording Controls – VEDAMO’s newest video editing tool

We have a new video editing tool available in your online academy. You now have the option of selecting certain parts of the recording of your session and downloading them as a new edited video file. Simply enter an existing recording and you will see the new interface directly above the play bar at the bottom. Your new edited video files are kept for 2 weeks in your online academy.

An image of the steps of watching an session recording and editing it with the built in tools

Adriana Kubanska, Technical support at VEDAMO offers user-friendly assistance for individuals having technical problems with electronic devices, cases with Internet usage according to services we provide.