VEDAMO new features - 11.08.2017

Are you missing what is important?

We have made some exciting changes to our platform and we wanted to let you know.
Our main goal when modifying VEDAMO is to make it even more intuitive and accessible to everyone.

Here is a list of the changes we made:

Arabic, Russian and Spanish language versions

We have introduced new Russian and Spanish versions of our website! You can now choose those languages as an option from the language dropdown menu. The translation process is ongoing and we will be updating the various sections of our website with the new language versions on a regular basis.

User registration

We have added the option of choosing whether they want to allow free registration for students. This option gives Organisations a greater level of control over who registers for their Learning Management System. Turning the option off means that visitors to your LMS will not see a REGISTER button. Your Administrators and the Organisation account can create users’ accounts for them. To change this setting, log into your LMS Organisation account and go to the Account & Settings > General Information menu.

Teacher permissions

You now have an extra choice regarding Teacher permissions. Choose whether to allow teachers access to all room logs, or just for the rooms which they have opened (as it was so far). To change this setting, log into your LMS Organisation account and go to the Account & Settings > General Information menu.

Simplified course setup

The Packages will no longer be a vital part of our platform.
You no longer need to attach a course to a package. Instead, you can create a standalone course and enroll participants for it directly. In giving our users the option of directly creating Courses and enrolling participants to those courses, we believe we have greatly facilitated the process of Course creation and Participant enrollment.

Courses page

The course page has been reworked to include detailed information about the courses offered. Visitors to your LMS domain can now see the courses available on your domain, as well as the schedules available.

Change schedule

There is a new feature, which can be accessed from the participants list of your course: Change schedule. This allows Organisations, Administrators and Teachers assigned to the course to switch a participant from one schedule to another on demand. You can do this with just a few clicks and it no longer requires that you re-enrol the participant into the course.


On the Courses page, participants can leave reviews regarding courses they have finished. The Organisation account now has access to the Reviews menu, where they can monitor, approve or discard reviews.

Various other smaller updates, including:

  • Changes to the order of the menu items in the Learning Management System menu;
  • Changes to the icon design of the File library and Virtual classrooms menu icons;
  • Added a Preview button which allows you to see how your course will look before you post it on the Courses page.
  • Added a HIDDEN option during course creation, which allows you to hide your course from the Courses menu until you are ready to post it for everyone to see.
  • The Edit button has been removed from the courses list. Instead, you can edit any course by clicking on its name.
  • Some additions and corrections to the already existing language versions of the website;
  • A new design for the Virtual Classroom login page.
  • We have included a new mathematical formulas tool in the virtual classroom, replacing the one which was previously used. You can use the new tool via the M icon in the upper right corner of the text tool window inside the virtual classroom.

Adriana Kubanska, Technical support at VEDAMO offers user-friendly assistance for individuals having technical problems with electronic devices, cases with Internet usage according to services we provide.
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