Getting VEDAMO’s Integration Credentials

  1. Login at or at your academy (*
  2. Select the Integrations menu.
  3. Select Brightspace by D2L. This will take you to the Integration with Brightspace by D2L page.
  4. Click on the Enable LTI Integration button.
  5. This will generate a table with three rows: Consumer Key, Shared Secret, and Launch URL. You will need them to integrate VEDAMO Virtual Classroom with D2L.

Use the following steps to integrate VEDAMO Virtual Classroom within the Brightspace by D2L Learning Management System:

  1. Log in to Brightspace by D2L.
  2. Select the course you would like to attach VEDAMO Virtual Classroom to.

Once you select your course, continue with adding the External Learning tool (LTI).

3. Add the name of your LTI and the link. You can find the link on the Integration menu under Config URL or Launch URL.

4. Continue by adding the Key and the Shared Secret. Do not forget to select Link Key/Secret from the signature options.

5. In the next step – Security Settings – check all the boxes except for:

  • Send System Org Defined ID to Tool Provider.
  • Send System Role to Tool Provider.

6. Then confirm by clicking on the Save and Close button.

7. Continue with the Content menu and add New Unit.

8. In the Unit field enter a title, description, and do not forget to make its status visible. Confirm all the changes with the Save button.

9. Add the External Tool to it.

10. Select the More Activities button.

11. Select External Learning Tools in the next window.

12. Select VEDAMO Virtual Classroom from the list.

Now VEDAMO Virtual Classroom has been successfully integrated into the selected course. Do not forget to make it visible to your students. They will be able to enter the room once it is opened by an instructor.

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