LMS Course Schedule

In order to add students to participate in your course, you will first need to set a schedule for your course.
To set the LMS course schedule, log in with your Organisation account and go to Courses. Click on the course of your choice and the course edit window will open. From the tabs select Schedules.

LMS Couse Schedule location
Select a course and go to the Schedules tab to set a schedule for each lesson and virtual session included

Once you click Schedules, a new window will open. You will see a list of schedules (if you have previously created any) or you can create a new schedule. To create a new schedule, click on the + New schedule

LMS Course Schedule menu
You can create more than one schedule for each course or simply copy the previous one

You will see a field to enter the Schedule title:

Enter a title and click Save.

Create new LMS course schedule
Type in a name for your course’s schedule and click Save

You will then see a menu including several tabs. On the Details about the unit tab, you can enter the start and end dates of your lessons, of the assignment’s resources (if you have added that kind of resource) and of your Virtual Classroom section (if you have added such). For further information about adding a section, click here.

NOTE: It is obligatory that you select a teacher and student limit for all virtual classroom sessions added to the courseYou cannot save the schedule before you fill these in.

Click Save to confirm the changes.

Congratulations! Your course is now complete and you can start the enrollment process. To see how you can enroll students in your course, you can read through the next article.

Edit a schedule
If you need to invite more students in the room, you will need to increase the limit number as well. This is done via the + button


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