The Quizzes menu in your Learning Management System provides you with the tools needed to create a quiz, assign it to your students and check their results. The menu is accessible by everyone in your subdomain. However, there are differences in terms of what each account can view:

  • Organisation accounts, Administrators and Tutors have access to all submenus in the Quizzes category. They can create, review and complete quizzes assigned to them;
  • Students only have access to the Results menu, where they can see their quiz results and take quizzes assigned to them, respectively.

Quizzes: Creation

Log in with the Organisation account in your subdomain. In order to create a quiz from scratch, you will need to access the Quizzes option from the left side menu. To do this, first log in to your sub-domain as an Organisation.

Then, under Quizzes , you will see all the quizzes you have already created and the option to edit them.

The Results menu lets you view the quizzes that have already been taken by your students.

From the Quizzes tab, please click on the New Quiz button in order to begin the quiz creation process.

For students, the Results menu gives them access to the results of the quizzes that they have taken.

The menu and submenu of the quizzes

In order to create a new quiz, click on the  + New Quiz button in the Quizzes submenu.

Here you will need to fill in a name for your quiz.

NOTE: You may also add a description of and instructions for the quiz; however, both are optional.

After you have finished filling in the necessary information, click on Create Quiz.

NOTE: You should put a tick next to the quiz is active box in the Settings tab. This will ensure that the quiz is visible and that you can add it to your course.

New Quiz button

There are additional options and tabs that remain and are visible on the final screen of the Quiz Creation process, as seen here:

Here is a list of those options with an explanation as to what each of them does:

  • +Question: Lets you add new questions you want the quiz to include
  • +Section: Lets you add new section(s) you want the quiz to include
  • Preview: It lets you preview the newly created quiz
  • Save: Save all the changes for the quiz
  • Quiz URL: The quiz URL which you can use to share the quiz with individuals who are registered on your academy

Note: Each quiz has a Default Section attached to it and by default every added to the quiz question is included in the Default Section.

Options of a quiz

Quizzes: Settings

Under the Settings tab you will be allowed to:

  • Allow the quiz to be solved by unregistered users(outside your academy)
  • Hide answers in the reports for students
  • Allow the LMS to autocomplete the review of each quiz
  • To set time and number of attempts for each quiz
  • To determine how many questions per page/section the quiz to have
  • To set custom evaluation
Adjusting the quiz's settings

Under the Results tab you will see all of the quizzes taken by your students along with the corresponding grading.

Quizzes evaluation results

Each Section in a Quiz can be edited. To edit its settings click on the three dots icon and then Edit.


Changing the section's settings

In the Edit Section window you will be allowed to:

  • Change the Title and Description of the Quiz
  • Mark all questions in the section as mandatory to take
  • Shuffle the questions so they appear in different order for each student
  • Shuffle the answers so they appear in different order for each student
  • Select the number of questions to be used in the quiz as a total
  • To hide the title and description of the section when a quiz is attempted by a student


Changing section settings

In the Questions submenu you will be allowed to create :

  • Multiple choice questions with only correct answer
  • Multiple choice questions with more than one correct answer
  • Free text questions (for essays and different written assignments)
  • Fill the blanks questions where the students provide the missing word or words
  • Match the blanks questions where the students match different terms and words
  • Matching questions where the students pair items in one column to items in another column
Creation of different types of questions

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