Virtual classroom Moodle: If you are a teacher, use the steps below to create a Virtual Session in Moodle.

1. Login to Moodle
2. Go to the course you are enrolled for as a Teacher
3. Click the “Vedamo Virtual Classroom” button

A screenshot of Vedamo Virtual Classroom external tool integrated with the Moodle LMS
Vedamo Virtual Classroom Moodle external tool

4.Open the Virtual Classroom by clicking “Start a new session”.


Vedamo Virtual Classroom Moodle: The process of starting a new session as a Teacher in Moodle
Vedamo Virtual Classroom Moodle: How to start a new session as a Teacher


5.Allow your microphone and audio devices when system asks you to do so and proceed to the next step. When the system check is done you will be able to enter the session.

Vedamo Virtual Classroom Moodle: System Check process
Vedamo Virtual Classroom Moodle: Vedamo’s Virtual Classroom System Check process




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