Presentation mode in the Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom Presentation Mode allows you to distribute your uploaded files onto multiple pages on the Whiteboard and show them as slides like a presentation.

While in Presentation Mode the host’s screen is synchronized with those of all of the other participants. All of the buttons on the right side of the screen and the ones at the bottom will become hidden. This way, the participants will stay focused on the content shown on the whiteboard. The sound controls will remain as they were set before the mode was switched on.

Entering the Presentation mode

Step 1: Click on the Three dots icon in the bottom left corner of the room.

Step 2: Click the Present option.

Virtual Classroom Presentation mode: How to enable Presentation mode
Virtual Classroom Presentation mode: Click on the “three dots sign” and press “Present”

Overview of the Virtual Classroom

Here is how the virtual classroom interface looks in Presentation mode:

Virtual Classroom Presentation mode: Presentation mode in the virtual classroom and how it looks
Virtual Classroom Presentation mode: The Virtual Classroom in Presentation mode


NOTE: The host can assign a presenter role to pre-selected participants. In order to do this, click on the participant’s name from the Participant’s list and make sure that you turn on the “Presenter” option.

Virtual Classroom Presentation mode: This is how the User Permissions Panel looks like
Virtual Classroom Presentation mode: User Permissions Panel (Presenter)

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