Presentation mode in the Virtual Classroom

You can distribute imported documents and pictures into multiple pages. Order your presentation in consecutive pages and turn the Virtual Classroom Presentation mode on.

This is a sub-type of Synchronized mode. The screen of the tutor/presenter is synchronized with that of all of the other participants. Presentation mode also hides all of the functional windows and the participants’ controls. The focus is on the presentation. The sound controls are set as they were before the mode was switched on.

Entering Presentation mode

Step 1: Click on the Three dots sign menu

Step 2: Click the Present option.

How to enable Presentation mode
Click on the “three dots sign” and press “Present”

Overview of the Virtual Classroom

Here is how the virtual classroom interface looks in Presentation mode:

Presentation mode in the virtual classroom and how it looks
The Virtual Classroom in Presentation mode


NOTE: The Export option is still available while in this mode.

NOTE: The tutor can assign presentation permissions to pre-selected participants. In order to do this, click on the participant’s name from the list of participants in the bottom right corner and make sure that you check the Permission to be presenter option:

This is how the User Permissions Panel looks like
User Permissions Panel

Up next, Simple View, which will help you see more of the screen by hiding icons you might not need at the moment

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