The power of the bite-sized method in online learning

Satisfy your hunger for knowledge one-bite-at-a-time by implementing one of the most effective, time-saving and… fun approaches in education today – the bite-sized learning method. How many times have we wished to find a way to achieve great results with minimum effort? While this idea might sound like a cheesy commercial, the bite-sized learning method is in fact real proof that it is possible to acquire new knowledge and skills with minimum effort and limited time.

How does bite-sized learning work and what are the main benefits of this method?

The purpose of bite-sized aka microlearning is to deliver well-crafted condensed information that is easy to understand, engaging, and takes minimum time. The sessions or modules with this approach usually take no longer than 15 minutes (in some cases a session takes a minute to learn). Modern technologies make it easier than ever to implement this interesting way of studying even on-the-go at the most convenient times thanks to the accessibility to mobile devices.

What goals can be accomplished with the microlearning method? Let’s first say that bite-sized learning cannot replace traditional learning methods. The short condensed sessions offer great benefits but they also have limitations. Bite-sized learning, for example, is not the ideal solution for exploring topics in depth or presenting complicated concepts. The goals that are achievable with microlearning include: exploring new topics, memory-refreshing lessons, reinforcing content, learning new languages, etc.

How to get the best results with microlearning?

Bite-sized studying is designed to be effortless and efficient. The short and easy-to-digest learning sessions can be easily implemented in the daily routine even during busy work days. Depending on the content and the schedule, bite-sized sessions can be learned during commuting, lunch breaks, kids’ nap time, and even coffee breaks.

It is ideal for time management strategies because it offers the most optimized content that is focused on one topic.

One of the biggest advantages of bite-sized learning is that it encourages better engagement and focus for learners. It is not a secret that learners’ attention span is declining significantly. This is true for students of all ages, professions, etc. Condensed learning sessions make it easier to keep the focus on the subject and get a better understanding of the content.

Bite-sized learning is suitable for all learning groups, from the youngest to the elderly students. It is becoming one of the most popular methods used in online learning because it is very easy to implement in the virtual classroom with the abundance of resources for interactive activities. Microlearning is very beneficial for online studying because it improves engagement and helps in overcoming distractions that can disrupt the lessons and break students’ focus.

Virtual classrooms are well-equipped with features and tools that accommodate bite-sized learning for presenting the content in the most engaging formats – videos, slideshows, interactive exercises, quizzes, games, etc. Microlearning is a great approach used in synchronous and asynchronous learning at a student’s pace. Teachers can easily include a bite-sized session as a transition exercise between topics during live sessions. The LMS platforms offer an abundance of content and materials including recorded microlearning sessions that encourage students to learn at their own pace.

  • Bite-sized learning in the virtual classroom during live sessions – this approach is great in various scenarios. For instance, short videos, slideshows, and interactive games make a great activity for switching between topics during the lesson. Bite-sized learning is awesome for quick reinforcing sessions as well. For example, the teacher can present a short video summarizing the content from previous lessons at the beginning of the new session.
  • Bite-sized learning for asynchronous studying – this approach can be applied to a wide variety of topics. It makes it easier to learn at your own pace at any age and even with limited free time. Asynchronous bite-sized learning is possible via pre-recorded short videos, slideshows, and content that students can learn at any time, in any place and as many times as they need. The LMS platforms often provide a rich library of short videos and micro learning content that are available for learners. It is an awesome approach for continuous learning for improving skills and knowledge, reinforcing knowledge as well as learning new topics.

What is bite-sized learning good for?

  • Reinforcing knowledge – microlearning sessions are awesome for summarizing content, repeating concepts, etc.
  • Introducing new concepts
  • Fast presentation of updates – this is especially beneficial for training in companies where employees need to get trained on new updates and changes.
  • Continuous learning concept – bite-sized learning is awesome for everyone who wants to acquire new knowledge in their preferred topics and continuously improve their skills and competencies.
  • Learning new languages in the most convenient and stress-free way
  • Exploring new concepts, topics, and ideas
  • Exploring new hobbies

What are the secrets of the most effective microlearning experience?

Microlearning is effective when it is crafted properly. Learning sessions with bite-sized modules take a very short amount of time, however not every short session is efficient for microlearning. The focus must be on the optimized content that delivers the most condensed information presented in the simplest way. It is not enough to just divide a longer lesson into shorter sessions. Each microlearning module needs to be logical and well-rounded with information focused on a certain topic. The secret for success is the combination of properly structured material presented in an engaging format that retains students’ attention and interest. Learning sessions have to be short, as simple as possible, without fluff or extra information.

A few tips that improve the learning experience with the microlearning method are:

  • Focus on one topic and niche down as much as possible.
  • Provide small bursts of information that are presented in an engaging way.
  • Use bullet points and slideshows for presenting summarized condensed versions of the content.
  • Include engaging content with games, quizzes, videos, and hands-on exercises.

Bite-sized learning is an amazing method for self-development, training, learning languages, exploring hobbies and new interests. It is the perfect way to apply the concept of continuous learning in your life with the least amount of effort and time. Microlearning is an awesome learning method to incorporate in traditional learning practices especially in online learning with all the features and tools available in the virtual classrooms for flexibility to adapt to different styles and preferences.

Teodora Kosturska has a strong interest and experience in content writing, digital marketing and copywriting. She has a Bachelor Degree in Marketing from the University for National and World Economy, Sofia. She has interests in various topics, including education, innovative technologies, environment and nature and traveling.
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VEDAMO Virtual Classroom
For the past nine years we have been providing a platform purpose-built for education.