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The founder of Akademiyka, Mariana Georgieva is a Doctor in Bulgarian language and literature teaching and a high school teacher. She also works with students as a private teacher and supports them in their school preparation as well as in their preparation for the final high school examination and university entry exams.

As the number of her private students was growing, Mariana decided to start teaching online in order to save time and reach out to more learners. She launched her own web-site, called Akademiyka, and started offering online lessons in VEDAMO Virtual Classroom.

Currently, she works with students from different locations across the country and abroad. Mariana is happy that the virtual classroom allows her to have a real-time video-conference contact with her learners. Mariana explains that the VEDAMO Virtual Classroom gives her better possibilities for visualizing the learning content on the interactive whiteboard in comparison to the traditional classroom. According to her, VEDAMO tools are intuitive and easy-to-use both for the teachers and their students. That is why they do not need additional training for using the platform.



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