Success stories

Language courses
ERYIA Online Education logo

ERYIA Online Education offers courses in English and German as foreign languages that are conducted exclusively online. They hold live online classes for professionals from 20 to 50 years of age, who participate from their homes or offices using VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom. Eva Bošković, founder of ERYIA Online Education, says that she finds VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom to be a highly interactive and easy-to-use virtual environment that allows her team to cover all aspects of language teaching.

Non-profit organization
Trust for Social Achievement logo

The Trust for Social Achievement uses the VEDAMO Virtual Classroom and Learning Management System to involve 200 disadvantaged youths of ages 13-20 from across Bulgaria in English language training in traditional, online, and blended learning settings. Their project team shared that VEDAMO provided them with a cost-effective method to reach out to disadvantaged youth in remote and segregated areas and to teach them skills crucial for their development and future careers.

Vocational training / Engineering, IT
Bradford, Jordan logo

Bradford is a Jordanian company which offers online courses in engineering, computer programming and English. VEDAMO LMS and Virtual Classroom helped Bradford reach out more students and reduce the trainers’ time for course preparation and management.

ESF - Empreendedor Sem Fronteiras offers English language courses to Brazilian adults aimed at improving learners’ pronunciation and fluency quickly and easily. See how the VEDAMO Virtual Classroom helped ESF conduct real-time online conversational classes and increased the company’s sales.

Prompt Education Consultant Co, Ltd. prepares students from Thailand, UK and USA on international curriculum in different school subjects. The company has a physical tutoring setting in Thailand, and thanks to VEDAMO Virtual Classroom provides students abroad with regular online interactive classes.

VEDAMO Virtual Classroom allows the university lecturers at Sofia University to conduct real-time interactive sessions with students across the country and abroad. The flexible schedules and the opportunity to learn from anywhere increased the students’ participation and engagement rate.

Bulsatcom needed an easy-to-use solution to manage all internal trainings (both face-to-face and online) across different locations and found VEDAMO. Now VEDAMO LMS serves as an excellent tool for the company’s HR administrator to manage trainers, trainees, courses’ schedules and content. The individual or group real-time online follow-up meetings with the staff trainees from different locations are conducted in VEDAMO Virtual Classroom.

K-12 / Private teacher
Akademiyka logo

Akademiyka uses VEDAMO Virtual Classroom to prepare students from different locations for their final school examinations in Bulgarian Language and Literature. The founder of Akademiyka, Mariana Georgieva, is happy that she found a solution for real-time online interaction, better  learning content visualization and students’ motivation.

Vocational training / Language courses
Nikanor logo

Nikanor Ltd. offers vocational training in more than 20 different fields, among which are the foreign language course. The company designed online courses to attract new learners from remote locations. Currently, more than 100 civil servants from different Bulgarian towns meet weekly in VEDAMO Virtual Classroom to participate in Nikanor’s foreign language course.

K-12 / Elementary school
The 76th School, Sofia, Bulgaria logo

The 76th School provides the students who cannot attend regular classes for a certain period of time with live online consultations in VEDAMO Virtual Classroom. The real-time online catch-up sessions lead to better pupil’s performance and parents’ involvement.

49th State Kindergarten in Sofia uses VEDAMO Virtual Classroom to invite remote guest teachers in the traditional classroom. They support the project-based learning by conducting real-time online sessions with the children with a lot of visual content, games and practical activities.


Our Academy offers training in accounting to university students, accountants, and people who want to retrain. In VEDAMO we have found a complete solution to all of our needs as they relate to distance learning. Now we can train people in different locations, as well as train working people who do not have the opportunity to attend traditional courses. We can teach in real time through the virtual classroom without losing contact with our learners. We have all the functionalities we need to provide comprehensive training. The platform is easily accessible and no additional training is required in order to use it. It is similar to a conventional classroom and is suitable for people with minimal computer skills. 

Vera Rusinova photo
Vera Rusinova,
Director of Bulmar Academy

VEDAMO gives us the opportunity to expand our business outside of Bulgaria. It saves us time, and our students feel comfortable learning from anywhere. The greatest benefit of using VEDAMO is the convenience it gives us when working with teachers and students, as well as the speed and flexibility it creates in the trainings we conduct. Students can learn from anywhere in the world, at any time, without having to comply with schedules and other limitations that traditional training entails.

Rumiana Ignatova photo
Rumiana Ignatova,
Director of the Center for Vocational Training "Eurostandart Center 28"

VEDAMO is the key element in managing an entire area of our activity - online training. Our language school works mainly with adults (18-60 years of age) who have a business or personal interest in Greece. Some of them live outside of Sofia or even abroad. Our students prefer online training because it saves them time and money. VEDAMO enables us to expand our customer base by removing geographic barriers and increasing our capacity. VEDAMO's Virtual Classroom eliminates the need for physical presence, saves us time, and creates a more interactive learning environment. Thus, we can offer a greater variety of products and be more competitive.

Marina Ovcharova photo
Marina Ovcharova,
Coordinator at Panellinika Language School

I love using VEDAMO and my favorite part is the simplicity of the user interface, while still being fully functional for all our teaching needs. It’s a perfect platform for all aspects of work when it comes to an online language school.

Eva Bošković photo
Eva Bošković,
Founder of ERYIA Online Education, Croatia

I’ve been using VEDAMO to deliver my online lessons for more than a year. Now it is a big honor to be a part of the VEDAMO team. You guys are terrific! I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my passion for online teaching as your representative in Turkey. I appreciate your support and attention to all questions. That is amazing to see continuing improvement of the platform and new features not only for users but also for partners. Thanks so much for doing a great job!

Maria Miller Akin photo
Maria Miller Akin,

Our company offers several courses based on teaching language-learning techniques to Brazilian adults for the application of learning English and English pronunciation. With VEDAMO Virtual Classroom our students are MUCH happier and rate of sales increases and refunds decrease. There are many platforms like this out there but we are happier with VEDAMO than with the previous platforms we have used. Also, the VEDAMO support to us, as a company, as well as to our students, is incredible, even aside from their great product!

Sarah Castelli photo
Sarah Castelli,
Course Director, ESF Inglês - Empreendedor Sem Fronteiras

The professionalism of your company always impresses me. I will go the extra mile to promote VEDAMO because you make me feel part of a team.

Paul Edgar photo
Paul Edgar,
Microteach eLearning Solutions, South Africa

We are a tutoring school which focuses on international curriculum only. Since some of our students study and stay abroad we needed a solution and that is where VEDAMO came in. Now we can go online and reach out all our students. VEDAMO is a very good solution - easy to use and very effective. We can easily use the online board in the virtual classroom. Just like what we need.

Frank P. Sutad photo
Frank P. Sutad,
Prompt Education Consultant Company Limited, Thailand

The VEDAMO E-learning platform gives me the freedom to train and consult students in a variety of synchronous and asynchronous forms, at a convenient time and place (including via my smartphone). My students are much more active and motivated, as the virtual environment meets their different learning styles. In addition to the learning content, they also imperceptibly enhance their digital competences. What I appreciate most in the environment is the simple and intuitive interface – due to it, I do not waste any time in technological support for the learners.

Dr. Lyubka Alexieva photo
Dr. Lyubka Alexieva,
Assistant Professor at Sofia University

Thanks to VEDAMO Virtual Classroom I am able to work with students in different locations. I support them in their preparation for the final school examinations in Bulgarian language and literature. VEDAMO allows not only real-time contact with my students, but also possibilities for better visualization of the learning content. My students are motivated to learn online.

Mariana Georgieva photo
Mariana Georgieva,
Founder of Akademiyka

VEDAMO has become an important part of the supportive care for children in hospitals. All children participate with passion and enthusiasm and their fear of learning quickly disappears. From the perspective of a teacher, the virtual classroom gave me a lot of freedom, opportunities and new ideas.

Theodora Armenkova photo
Theodora Armenkova,
Hospital Teacher

As our company is constantly growing we needed a solution to conduct regular training of our employees across the country. VEDAMO help us facilitate and manage the whole process of organizing, conducting and assessing all corporate trainings – both face-to-face and distance. The training process of thousands of employees can be easily managed by a single HR administrator, which helped us cut our travelling and human resources costs.

Boyan Georgiev photo
Boyan Georgiev,
CEO, PowerNet Telecommunications

I use VEDAMO for online training, individual and group coaching sessions with clients and participants from Bulgaria and abroad. I like working with the platform because it has everything you need for online communication, it is easy and intuitive. The participants quickly grasp how to use the tools.

Nadezhda Mihaylova photo
Nadezhda Mihaylova,
Coach and Personal Development Facilitator

I would show my students images and videos and then we would have some exercises, aimed at developing creativity, observation and general knowledge. This approach is not merely more interesting, it captures their attention and engages the whole group. I find more and more advantages in distance education every day and I really hope it will bring even higher results in the future.

Iva Nastfogel photo
Iva Nastfogel,
Private Teacher in Bulgarian