What challenges did Noodle Pros face?

For their online tutoring they used one program for video communication and another for a whiteboard.

  • It was inconvenient for both tutors and the students to switch between the two programs during the session.
  • Logging in to both programs and checking to see if everything was working properly was time consuming.
  • Time was wasted on clarifying who was looking at what page of the materials because the tutor couldn’t see and control the students’ actions.
  • The programs they used didn’t allow tutors to collaboratively work with students directly on digital documents (PDFs or Word files) while having a video chat at the same time.
  • The whiteboard software didn’t have any tools for saving the work that had been done during the session for future reference. It would have been very useful for Noodle Pros’ students to have the opportunity to revise when preparing for exams.

How did VEDAMO Online Whiteboard help Noodle Pros respond to these challenges?

VEDAMO Online Whiteboard provided Noodle Pros’ tutors with the all-in-one software solution they needed.

  • It combines video communication with an online whiteboard. Both the tutor and the students can see each other and the whiteboard at the same time.
  • It can be easily accessed by students using various devices – laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones.
  • Time is not wasted checking to see if students are working on the assigned task because VEDAMO Online Whiteboard tools allow the tutor to control which page the students are looking at.
  • VEDAMO whiteboard lets tutors insert presentations, Word or PDF documents, and work through those samples with their students. Tutors can observe the students work on a practice exercise and provide advice by annotating a student’s writing in real time.
  • Unlike any other software, notes taken on the whiteboard during collaborative work can be saved and exported to a file that students can review at a later time. This feature is helpful for students when studying for exams.

According to Bobby Foley, one of Noodle Pros’ tutors, the main benefits of VEDAMO Online Whiteboard are:

“… efficiency and clarity in instruction, and VEDAMO beats a lot of the competing platforms with this.”

VEDAMO Online Whiteboard and Noodle Pros Success Story

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