Kids Bolo (meaning Kids Speak in Urdu) is an organization that creates Urdu-English bilingual books. They have created an inventive talking pen that makes learning Urdu simple, enjoyable, and interesting.

How VEDAMO helped them develop their business model

To promote Urdu as a second language among children residing outside of Pakistan, they provide conversational online classes for small groups of kids aged 5 to 13, and recently they have launched online classes for 16+. Speaking the language is the main emphasis of these lessons rather than reading or writing it. Their hybrid learning model allows them to hire teachers who are native Urdu speakers based in the US, UK or Canada.

They have also created the interactive component of their curriculum on Google Slides by using them through the share screen function of VEDAMO Virtual Classroom. This allows them to take advantage of the full use of audio and visual enhancement of the sessions.

Feedback from learners and teachers

VEDAMO is equally enjoyable for teachers and learners because it is used with comfort and has opportunities for interactivity. The greatest benefit of VEDAMO is that it is very easy to use. The kids are able to log in without difficulty test the system, and play around with it. They enjoy learning Urdu through drawing, playing games like matching and guessing, etc.

Also from a training and hiring aspect, it is very convenient for new instructors. The teachers are very happy and pleased with VEDAMO.

The sessions are more interactive thanks to the VEDAMO’s toolbar enabling teachers to use pictures, write, and play videos. What kids enjoy most are the interactive games.

Masooma Aftab, Kids Bolo’s co-founder

The Virtual Classroom Success Story of Kids Bolo

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