What are the needs of the virtual classroom of Eryia?

Eva Boskovic, owner of the school, shared that some clients had concerns about online learning not being as good as traditional ways of tutoring. Other challenges they encountered were:

  • Fear of using a software that may not be easy to use and navigate
  • Software interfaces not being user-friendly enough
  • Software not having all the features that a language-learning classroom needs
  • Geographical limitations when hiring new staff members

How did VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom make it possible for Eva to start and grow her business?

ERYIA Online Education was looking for a highly interactive virtual environment that covered all aspects of language teaching. That is when they discovered VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom. Thanks to VEDAMO, the adult learners are able to attend live online classes from the convenience of their own homes or offices. They can have an experience that is similar to the traditional classroom without spending any time or money traveling. Other benefits to Eryia and their clients were:

  • VEDAMO’s software was user-friendly, easy to use, quick to load, and had all the features that an online language tutor might need.
  • It allowed teachers to work from virtually anywhere in the world with people from all over the globe, which offered huge potential to Eva’s business.
  • Online tutors could organize their time as efficiently as possible.
  • Each teacher could travel for pleasure while at the same time keep their job as an online tutor.
  • More introverted clients of the school felt more confident as they did not have to deal with the pressure of other people’s physical presence.
  • VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom offered extremely reliable and prompt customer support.

Virtual Classroom Success Story of Eryia

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VEDAMO Virtual Classroom
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