Virtual classroom

VEDAMO is perfect for teachers from schools and universities who want to make the teaching process easier.

What you get

  1.   Videoconferencing
  2.   Interactive whiteboard
  3.   Media player
  4.   Breakout rooms
  5.   Teacher's control panel
  6.   File sharing
  7.   Screen sharing
  1.   Instant messaging
  2.   Learning resources storage
  3.   Content templates
  4.   Presenter role
  5.   Group management
  6.   User statistics
  7.   Video archives


  • Allows for communication in real time
  • Individual or group video windows
  • Video windows can be resized and made full screen
  • Microphone levels control
  • Web-cameras can be switched on and off

Interactive whiteboard

  • Visualize different types of files in standard formats– documents, presentations, images, animated images
  • Tools and instruments for individual or collaborative work
  • Drawing, writing, graphic objects, highlighting, etc.
  • Simultaneous creation or editing of learning content by all participants
  • Synchronized screens – all the participants work on one and the same content

Built-in media player

  • Reproduces audio and video files in real time for all participants
  • Can play all standard audio and video formats
  • Links from YouTube can be directly embedded and played with synchronization between all participants

Breakout rooms

  • The Breakout room is a separate working space for a small group or individual work with access to all system features and tools
  • Allows for work in small groups or individual work during the session
  • Allows for differentiation of the learning content for the different small groups or individual participants

Teacher’s control panel

  • The teacher is able to allow or deny participants’ access to all features
  • Permission to use different features can be given on an individual or a group level
  • Permissions can be differentiated in the common group and in the breakout rooms
  • Can be used before or during the sessions

Screen sharing

  • Each participant’s screen can be shared with the others in a separate video window
  • Can be used to demonstrate external software products or other applications which cannot be embedded into the whiteboard or the media player

Instant messaging

  • The chat box in the virtual classroom can be used in real time
  • Group or personal messages
  • The access to the group and personal chat can be controlled by the teacher

Learning resources storage

  • The learning resources needed for the session can be prepared and uploaded prior to the start
  • They could be in all standard formats: documents, presentations, images, audio and video
  • They can be uploaded on the whiteboard both before and during the session
  • Additional resources which are not used on the whiteboard can also be stored and shared with the participants
  • The participants can upload and download files from the storage if they have permission to do so
  • The teacher can give the participants permission to view the learning resources in the storage or revoke it

Content templates

  • The content templates can be used to save all learning resources arranged by the teacher in the virtual classroom for a future reuse
  • Once created the template can be used with an unlimited number of groups
  • The lesson’s template saves the content on the whiteboard, in the media player, in the storage, as well as the breakout rooms organization
  • The templates can be edited, deleted and shared with other teachers

Presenter role

  • When the teacher gives a presenter role to one of the participants he/she can manage the interaction for a certain period of time
  • The presenter can synchronize the browsing of the whiteboard, can upload files on the whiteboard and play files in the media player
  • The presenter role could be given on both group and individual level and is available in the teacher’s control panel

System check

  • Allows for participants to check their technical equipment and connection any time before the session
  • Ensures participants meet the minimal technical requirements to have a smooth session

Additional tools

  • Personal notes -visible only for the particular user
  • Raise hand button – when used it gives a visible notification for all participants; it can be muted
  • Timer – can be used both in the common group and in the breakout rooms
  • Preliminary room permissions – can be adjusted by the teacher before the session

Video archives

  • Video recording of the conducted sessions
  • Archive of all sessions accessible from each participant’s dashboard
  • Use keypoints during the session to mark all important moments in the recording
  • Recordings of the sessions can be converted into high-quality video files