What challenges did Sofia University face?

The university primarily offered on-site education. Prior to 2014 there were only a few self-paced distance online programs in which students from various locations could take part. However, they could not fully benefit from the programs since they lacked real-life communication with their lecturers. Other challenges they had to overcome were:

  • The university was not able to fully launch online courses. To ensure quality they had to continue conducting face-to-face sessions as part of their distance learning programs.
  • The scope of work was more limited.
  • Overhead and logistics costs were relatively high.

How did VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom fit into Sofia University’s distance online programs?

Adding VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom to their Moodle LMS, Sofia University’s lecturers started conducting real-time interactive sessions with students from across the country and abroad. The flexible schedules and the opportunity to learn from anywhere increased student participation and engagement rates. They also benefited from using VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom in the following ways:

  • VEDAMO allowed them to teach larger groups of learners at a time.
  • Students appreciated having flexible schedules and real-time interactions.
  • University lecturers were able to customize their materials according to student needs and levels of understanding.
  • All online tutors could closely monitor learner progress since they had recordings of all of the online sessions.
  • Overhead costs were significantly reduced.

Virtual Classroom Success Story of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

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