ESF – Empreendedor Sem Fronteiras is a language teaching organization that offers English language online courses to Brazilian adults. The courses are based on a special methodology aimed at improving both the learners’ pronunciation and fluency quickly and easily.

What challenges did ESF face?

Most of their customers are professionals over the age of 30 who have families and lead busy lives. That is why ESF decided to offer the live classes online as a more flexible and time-saving solution. Other challenges that they had to overcome were:

  • Their customers could not attend traditional classes because of their busy schedules
  • Unreliable customer support of the online training software they had been previously using
  • A lack of tools for interactive online teaching

How did VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom fix these problems?

ESF used the Virtual Classroom to conduct real-time online sessions where learners were given the opportunity to practice their spoken English through conversations with their peers. ESF benefited from our online training software in a number of ways:

  • They attracted customers from various locations who did not have to waste time traveling.
  • The price of VEDAMO is a lot lower than what ESF had been paying previously.
  • The moderator could control the audio of all of the participants and could immediately intervene by muting microphones if there was any distracting background noise or if someone was not being respectful.
  • Learners could work in separate groups in the “breakout rooms” mode, thus utilizing the study material to the fullest.
  • They have improved the quality of their courses, boosted their customers’ satisfaction, increased their sales, and reduced the number of refunds.

Virtual Classroom Success Story of ESF - Empreendedor Sem Fronteiras

VEDAMO Virtual Classroom
For the past nine years we have been providing a platform purpose-built for education.