What are the needs of virtual classroom of the 76th Primary School?

Prior to 2016, teachers, parents, and pupils had difficulties when the children had to catch up after being absent from class. Whenever children missed classes they had to call their teacher or their classmates’ parents, which was also an inconvenience for the teachers. Some other challenges that they faced were:

  • The information parents received was often unreliable
  • Teachers could not respond immediately
  • Parents were not fully informed at all times
  • The parents of sick children did not seek information regularly enough
  • Pupils had a hard time catching up, which affected their grades

How did VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom improve things?

The school’s management turned to VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom as a way to enhance pupil performance. This also decreased the stress levels of children who had to make up for what they had missed in class.

The teachers use VEDAMO’s real-time videoconference connection to ensure the active online participation of all absent children. They visualize the learning content by using the virtual classroom’s interactive whiteboard and its media player. When they do online tutoring with more than one student, they assign individual tasks in the breakout rooms.

Surprisingly for them, they were also able to improve the work process in areas they had not expected:

  • Student academic performance was enhanced by 50%. This increased the level of trust between teachers and parents.
  • Teachers upgraded their technology-related skills.
  • Parental involvement in the process of catching up increased, as did parental involvement in student progress in general.
  • A lot of time was saved by all of the parties.
  • Communication among all parties was improved.

Virtual Classroom Success Story of The 76th School

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