Action Tutoring is an educational charity that assists more than 3,000 pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds in the UK to pass their key exams in English and Math. The organization has 2,500 volunteer tutors. They help pupils who can’t afford to pay for private tutors through face-to-face and online tutoring. The online tutors deliver supplementary one-on-one and small-group lessons in VEDAMO Virtual Classroom to help children catch up and reach their full potential.

What challenges did Action Tutoring face?

Before initiating their online tutoring program, Action Tutoring had limited options when it came to recruiting volunteers in the eight cities in which they operate. To adapt their supplementary classes for online delivery they needed to find an e-learning solution that met the following requirements:

  • Provides options not only for one-on-one, but also for small-group online sessions, which will allow the organization to expand the scope of its program and reach more children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Guarantees that the pupils will adapt quickly to online learning without the need for technical training.
  • Ensures that their curriculum is used to support learning so that the online sessions have the most impact.

How did Vedamo Virtual Classroom support Action Tutoring’s work?

After trying out different e-learning solutions, Action Tutoring was happy to find VEDAMO Virtual Classroom, which met all of their requirements:

  • Since they started using VEDAMO, Action Tutoring has been able to recruit more volunteer tutors from across the country to support pupils who really need them.
  • Thanks to VEDAMO’s high-quality videoconferencing and other interactive tools, the online tutors provide children with supplementary lessons and experiences that resemble the real classroom.
  • VEDAMO’s functionality allows Action Tutoring to deliver small-group sessions with many collaborative activities on the interactive online whiteboard.
  • VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom provides a safe space that engages pupils in the learning process. The children have shared that during the online tutoring sessions they feel freer to ask questions and are not distracted by other people.

Here is what Jen Fox, Director of Transformation, Quality, and Impact at Action Tutoring thinks:

VEDAMO Virtual Classroom is reliable and intuitive. Pupils just sit and click and know how to use it. Our tutors need more training but it allows them to tutor from the comfort of their own home or office. They can volunteer on their lunch break! Pupils can also be very shy and having a tutor online helps them feel at ease compared to meeting them in person.

The Virtual Classroom Success Story of Action Tutoring

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