Prompt Education Consultant is a tutoring school in Thailand that works with around 40 active teachers and more than 200 students. The company focuses on preparation for international curricula only. It provides tutoring classes in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, Economics, etc., and covers grades 9 to 13 for the UK and 9-12 for the USA. Most of their classes are one-on-one.

What challenges did Prompt Education Consultant face?

The company wanted to provide students with comprehensive quality tutoring in most subjects in primary and secondary school. What problems were they confronted with?

  • They were unable to teach students from other countries.
  • They could only work with a limited number of students and had low retention rates.

How did VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom make it possible for Prompt Education Consultant to run their business?

Prompt Education could only grow and develop if they adopted an online teaching platform to conduct their tutoring sessions. VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom turned out to be exactly what they needed because:

  • They could offer online tutoring to learners from the UK and USA.
  • The virtual classroom, according to them, proved to be “easy and effective.”
  • They could share various types of content on the interactive online whiteboard and assign practical tasks with the tools for writing and drawing.
  • Since the company has been using VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom, both the number of its students and the retention rates have been increasing, and the trainers are able to easily provide their students abroad with regular and systematic training without interruption.

Virtual Classroom Success Story of Prompt Education Consultant Co. LTD

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VEDAMO Virtual Classroom
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