Knowledge Train provides training and certification led by accredited instructors in a range of subjects including project management, PRINCE2, change management, agile, program management, IT service management, DevOps, and business analysis. They work with three groups of learners: professionals currently who are currently employed and are seeking additional skills to apply in their workplace; unemployed professionals who are looking to gain skills and professional qualifications to help them get back to work; or working people who are looking to change careers and need a professional certification. Since 2005, Knowledge Train has helped over 18,000 people gain professional project management qualifications and an understanding of how to better manage their projects. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, almost all of their training was classroom based. As soon as Knowledge Train was no longer allowed to provide courses in person, they had to find a suitable online solution that would ensure the same high-quality training in a virtual setting.

What challenges did Knowledge Train face?

When the lockdown began in the spring of 2020, all of Knowledge Train’s in-person courses had to be transferred online. The training team looked for a solution that would enable them to keep the key elements of the classroom training in the online environment. Their key requirements were:

  • To deliver instructor-led training online with the same options for sharing experiences between the learners;
  • To have features for interactive exercises and activities that would keep the learners focused and engaged;
  • To use a platform that was simple for learners to use;
  • To find a reasonably priced solution.

Why did Knowledge Train choose VEDAMO Virtual Classroom for their online courses and certification?

  • VEDAMO provides the trainers with all of the necessary features to conduct highly interactive instructor-led training online. The learners and trainers can share their experience and ideas through videoconferencing, an online whiteboard for collaborative activities, share-screen options, breakout rooms, chat, etc. The trainers can engage learners in large group discussions, small group activities, exercises, quizzes, etc.
  • VEDAMO is simple to use for the learners. They do not need to download or install anything.
  • It covers all the requirements and is competitively priced.
  • Since Knowledge Train started offering online training through VEDAMO, they started working with learners across the country and abroad. Currently, they deliver online professional certification courses with exams to students around the world.

Here is what Simon Buehring from Knowledge Train shared about VEDAMO:

“Since we began working online, students do not need to travel to a training venue, which often can be costly and time consuming, especially when the training venue is far from where they live. VEDAMO offers all of the same features as traditional classroom training but without the headaches. Some key benefits are that VEDAMO enables us to deliver classroom training with a live trainer but without the hassle of setting up a physical venue that requires maintenance, equipment, heating, etc. In the current Covid situation, that isn’t practical either.”

Knowledge Train’s Virtual Classroom Success Story

VEDAMO Virtual Classroom
For the past nine years we have been providing a platform purpose-built for education.