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Bradford is а small-size training company which provides online courses in English, engineering and computer programming. The company has 10 trainers who work with adult learners to improve their scientific and practical engineering skills, and skills in the field of information technology and communication.

Bradford aimed to reach more students who want to acquire skills in the specific fields. They wanted to organise their trainings easier and faster compared to the traditional ones. They started using VEDAMO Virtual Classroom and Learning Management System (LMS) to manage and conduct online courses. By using the VEDAMO e-learning platform they provide their learners with both self-paced and real-time learning. The students register on the LMS and access the learning resources any time they need. They also receive reminders for their live sessions in the Virtual Classroom. During the real-time session they are able to communicate with the trainer and the other participants via video-conference connection, to follow the content shared on the whiteboard and to work together using the tools for collaboration. Following the live sessions in the Virtual Classroom, the learners are able to watch the archive of the lecture on their profiles in the LMS. This is a great opportunity to make a review of the key knowledge.

Bradford trainers say that they chose VEDAMO because it is simple and easy to use. At the same time it is equipped with a rich set of tools for collaboration. Now, the company trainers work with more groups of learners and spend less time in training organisation and management.

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