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Bulsatcom is a leading TV, internet and mobile operator in Bulgaria. Founded in 2000 the company is the largest operator in terms of number of pay-TV subscribers in the country. Bulsatcom has offices in 170+ locations across the country and has 2000+ full-time employees. There are also offices and points of presence outside the country.

Bulsatcom is a large-scale enterprise where different business unit professionals require regular training in new products and corporate procedures. As a growing company it needed an easy-to-use solution to conduct all internal trainings across different locations. The management was looking for a platform to incorporate all corporate training activities in onе system, allowing quick and easy administration and monitoring of all trainees’, progress by professional field and location, etc.

Bulsatcom is currently using the VEDAMO cloud-based white-labelled solution – combining Virtual Classroom and Learning Management System – to facilitate and manage the whole process of organizing, conducting and assessing all trainings across the country – both face-to-face and distance training. They are using the VEDAMO e-learning platform to blend traditional with online learning. The platform allows them to administrate their trainees, to distribute learning resources and to assess the learners’ progress.

The VEDAMO Learning Management System (LMS) allows Bulsatcom to organise, conduct and monitor their regular online and traditional trainings with the employees across the country and abroad. It provides tools for creating and managing courses in which the trainees can be assigned to groups or trained individually. Trainees can use web learning resources in various formats before or after their face-to-face sessions. They can take tests and track their progress. Each trainee has a record and receives notifications about courses and lessons s/he should attend. The LMS serves as an excellent tool for HR administrators to manage the trainees, the training staff, as well as the courses’ schedules and the content required.

In VEDAMO Virtual Classroom Bulsatcom trainers conduct individual or group real-time online follow-up meetings with staff trainees from different locations.

VEDAMO e-learning platform helped Bulsatcom reduce the travel expenses and human resources costs associated with corporate trainings. It provided the company with an easier and faster way to manage internal corporate trainings and improve employee readiness and qualifications.



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