Synchronous virtual classroom

Interactive virtual classroom where real-time live sessions with a teacher take place online.


Asynchronous learning environment

A platform with pre-made materials for self-preparation and self-paced learning


Learning management system

Tools to help the educational organizations easily manage their teachers, courses and users



36 Shipka str., 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria
(+359) 0700 30039
VAT number: BG201907369
Company ID: 201907369
  1. VEDAMO provides a complete solution for distance education as it was designed from the start to combine real-time teaching with a platform for pre-made learning materials.
  2. VEDAMO is equipped with a rich set of tools to control the access to the features and the interaction between the participants which ensures efficient classroom management irrespective of the age or level of the learners.
  3. VEDAMO has smooth functions for managing interaction between participants which makes the environment favorable for combining various working formats in one session – individual, small group or class work.
  4. VEDAMO has flexible user profile settings and hierarchy of the various roles which makes the learning management system easily adjustable to all types of educational providers and users – from young learners to adults.
  5. VEDAMO has a reliable system for monitoring the educational process both in real-time and on playback which ensures safety and quality (a key factor when working with children)
  6. VEDAMO has a unique billing and reporting system for educational services, which allows flexibility on different levels – a separate session, a course or a group of courses.