How Can An Online Training Platform Help Your Company

Are you running a big company in the technological sector with more than 400 people staff? Or maybe a local advertising agency with 20 people situated in one office? Or a franchise of 10 restaurants spread all over your country?

No matter what company you are running or are a part of, it is structured as an organization that has its own hierarchy – vertical or horizontal – and the people occupy their position inside it. Your colleagues or subordinates are different individuals with their own passions, but they all need to work together for the good of the organization. Let’s see how we can make it better for both the individual and the company!

Online training platform for building sustainable teams

Everybody in your company comes from different personal and professional backgrounds, has their own beliefs, and is burdened with all their stereotypes and baggage from the past. The crux of good management is to be able to make a team out of all these individuals. This is not easy at all! Raising a child is one of the hardest things in life, but bringing together a group of adults who are already educated and formed as individuals can be quite a daunting task, as well.

VEDAMO’s online training platform has been developed exactly for these types of situations! In order to build a sustainable team you need to know your people and to be able to communicate with them, introduce them to each other, etc. There are so many tips on how to build your team, and you most certainly already know hundreds of them and have probably implemented quite a few. But the main issue that you stumble upon is the limited amount of time you have on the one hand, and on the other hand, the amount of work that needs to be done in order to keep the work process moving forward.

  • Do many people from your staff work overtime? Perhaps many of them need to take care of their relatives at home, or want to be able to spend more time with their family. And you, as the manager and the person who is organizing the whole process, need to ask all these people, who are already working too much, to stay one more hour at the office twice a week in order to attend a training.

    Online Training Platform Help for Your Company
    Online Training Platform Help for Your Company
  • Or what if you have to ask them to come for training during the weekend…?

VEDAMO’s online training platform is built to support sustainable development, education, and communication. It will make everything much easier for your team and yourself.

Why should I use an online training platform?

This is how easy the process can be:

  • The online training platform is live, so you will have all the members of your company together virtually, regardless of whether they are simply at home or in another country.
  • Everybody can communicate live, and can share their opinions and reflect on the conclusions.

    VEDAMO’s online training platform is developed by entrepreneurs, business leaders, managers, and trainers
    VEDAMO’s online training platform is developed by entrepreneurs, business leaders, managers, and trainers
  • Everybody can participate from their place of comfort and safety, which allows them to show their true personalities.
  • The most important thing about team building is frequency. We have all seen how companies organize such types of events twice a year, where people still communicate only with their besties and no real team building is achieved in the end. Activities focused on working within a group by raising trust and building relationships should be organized every week. Using a web conferencing platform makes it easy to gather everybody for an hour once a week and work on the topics above.
  • Nobody has to leave their workplace and lose time travelling. And you won’t be the “bad boss” who asks people to stay after hours for training.
  • People will get to know each other by name and face. If your team gets together only once a year (as is usually the case, especially for big companies), you cannot expect these people to know each other well enough to be able to trust and rely on each other.
  • To reiterate: frequency and good time management are key. Just as Rome was not built in a day, you too cannot build a happy team in such a short time. We know that human capital is the most important asset a company has. You need to make regular efforts to grow this capital if you want your business to succeed.
  • Finally, when using a virtual classroom you will not need to organize all the logistics, such as booking a location, catering, etc. And the most important thing is that you will be able to work with any trainer, from any country, who will facilitate the process of teambuilding.

VEDAMO’s online training platform is developed by entrepreneurs, business leaders, managers, and trainers – people who are exactly in your place. People who know:

  • how important time is

    How Can An Online Training Platform Help Your Company: how important time is?
    How Can An Online Training Platform Help Your Company: how important time is?
  • how much your business relies on people
  • how stressful work can be when there are deadlines to meet
  • how difficult it can be for staff to manage all this stress and so they fight among themselves or just burn out
  • how work fails to be done as people are not communicating well and are not listening to or understanding each other
  • how the work process falters if everybody is not moving in the same direction

Of course, there are some exceptions in some cases. But, generally speaking, your company relies on its human capital. You can grow this capital by bringing together the different personalities who are the life and soul of your company.

Give online training platform a try! You can use it for teambuilding purposes for a certain period of time and evaluate the results. Hire a good trainer and organize short events for your team on a regular basis. The best thing is that you will quickly see a difference and it will result in productivity gains, less tension, and happier and smiling people!


  1. Online training platform for building sustainable teams
  2. Why should I use an online training platform?

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