Online tutoring in a virtual classroom - how to identify your style

In a virtual classroom, we can observe different learning styles and different teaching styles of online tutoring. It may be easier for you to identify the style of your learners, yet to have difficulty finding your own. You’ll read here about the different types and styles of online tutoring and the steps and surveys how to find yours so that you interact more effectively with your online students.

Different types of tutoring, help online students in different ways

Before digging into your online tutoring style, let’s see what the different types of tutoring are and what they entail.


This type of tutoring is used when a child needs to catch up on certain material or when they need some assistance to avoid failing. Remediation tutoring is preferred when an online student is struggling with the learning material. Additionally, it can focus on a skill or on a subject.


This type is used to keep up the good results of the online students. It helps a student stay focused and maintain gained knowledge. With this kind of online tutoring a child has a chance to master their own organizational skills and to stay motivated for the rest of their school years.


This type of online tutoring is a combination of remediation and maintenance. It can focus on catching up on a subject or it can support gained knowledge and skills.

Online tutoring style in the virtual classroom
Online tutoring style in the virtual classroom

Test Prep

This is the preferred type of online tutoring when focusing on specific test preparation. Different subjects require specific skills to be covered in order for a student to pass the exams (for example, the English language certificates: SAT and TOEFL). Test prep online tutoring helps the online student manage their stress level. More importantly, it builds the needed approach to reach specific academic goals.


This type of tutoring offers online students activities that upgrade their skills in different educational areas. Additionally, it is used when a child has a certain interest in a subject. Enrichment online tutoring helps learners dig deeper into a preferred educational area and helps them maintain a proactive and engaged studying approach.

What kind of online tutor are you?

Online tutoring style in the virtual classroom - the personal online tutoring style
Online tutoring style in the virtual classroom – the personal online tutoring style

Besides the online tutoring types, there is another factor that can change the virtual classroom realm – your personal online tutoring style. Knowing your own strengths is the key to building a meaningful connection with your online students. Furthermore, it can help you find the best way to implement the various e-learning styles in the classroom.

Some unofficial statistics show that:

  • 25% of online tutors view themselves as spontaneous and energetic
  • 27% of online tutors view themselves as fun and outgoing
  • 47% of online tutors view themselves as serious and smart
  • Only 1% of online teachers follow a strict and inflexible online tutoring style

Who is who?

As the heading suggests, the popular teacher has the superpower to gather students and other online tutors around them. If you fall under this category, then you will find it easy to communicate with people, especially with your online students. You can balance your sense of humor with the learning material perfectly. The only drawback is that you do not like to be left alone. Therefore, a useful suggestion for the popular teacher would be to keep healthy boundaries between their professional and personal life.

Online tutoring style in the virtual classroom - The popular teacher
Online tutoring style in the virtual classroom – The popular teacher

The strict teacher

If discipline is not just a word for you, but a way of life, then maybe you are a strict online tutor. You are not the type to miss a deadline and you like to plan every little detail of your work. The dark side of this type is the cold-hearted personality that you pretend to have. The truth is that once you show some emotion, your online students will feel more motivated and engaged. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because they are a part of the process in the virtual classroom.

The Fair Teacher

You are balance itself. If you feel like the fair teacher, then you know exactly when something is too much or too little. The fair teacher always makes sure that all sides of a conversation are heard. This style of online tutoring aims to ensure that every activity in the virtual classroom is fair. You are a good listener, but some good advice for you would be to add some improvisation into the classroom.

To find out more about yourself and your tutoring style, try some of these surveys:

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