The most important feature of your VEDAMO account is the ability to create a new virtual classroom and invite students. You have several options to choose from in order to do that and we will take a look at those as part of this article.

Start a classroom

First method (1):

The START CLASSROOM button on your dashboard.  There is a button called START CLASSROOM in the center of the dashboard, which will forward you to the room creation page.

Second method (2): 

Click on the Virtual Classrooms button. If you are currently on the Virtual Classrooms page (accessible from the left side menu), you can open a classroom from here. To do that, use the button called Start Classroom located directly above the classrooms list.

New virtual classroom menu

You have several customisation options available to you prior to opening the room, all of which are optional.

  • Include a room title, which will make the room easy to identify in your statistics later.
  • Add a description to your classroom, such as the session’s topic or goal.
  • Invite participants to your session via email.

The room description will also be sent as part of the invitation email your participants will receive.

NOTE: It is not obligatory to send the invitation this way, as you will get a unique link to your room once you create it. Copying this link and sending it to participants will also allow them to access your room.

In the premium version of the virtual classroom, you will also have access to the advanced settings menu.

You can click on “advanced settings” if you want to edit the settings or on “Start now” to directly open the virtual classroom.

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