How do I start my Virtual Classroom/LMS?

The first thing you can do is go to our Pricing page. We currently offer two packages for each of our products: free and premium. There are two sections on the page. The first one is for the Virtual Classroom, and, if you scroll down, you will also see the Learning Management System section.

The former allows you to create a Premium Virtual Classroom account. You can see further information about its features and usage in the short FAQs on the right side of that page.

For the Virtual Classroom package you can select the amount of additional storage space for files and recordings.

The latter offers you the option to create a custom sub-domain on our platform and subscribe to a package with both the Virtual classroom and our Learning Management System.

You can select the following:

  • the number of simultaneous classrooms you’re going to use;
  • the number of accounts you want to have for the learning management system;
  • the amount of storage space you require for files and recordings.

All of this will form your desired package and display its price.

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