How much does using Vedamo cost?

How much does Vedamo platform cost? We offer a free 30 days period, which allows you to use a single virtual classroom with one student at a time. Our Premium packages also offer you greater perks. Their price depends on the features you choose, including:

  • Number of virtual classrooms open at the same time; (The Premium LMS and Premium Virtual Classroom packages only. The Free Virtual Classroom and Free LMS package can only include one virtual classroom).
  • Number of accounts active on your sub-domain at the same time; (Learning Management System only)
  • The amount of storage space you would like to have for uploading files and keeping lesson recordings.

The Pricing page lists all the information regarding those packages.

We also offer Custom Plans and Enterprise solutions compiled according to your needs. We can provide a quote for them after you participate in a meeting with one of our sales representatives. The meeting is an opportunity for us to discuss your requirements. We will also show you the full functionalities of our Virtual classroom and Learning management system.

In case you are interested, please feel free to send an inquiry and book a meeting.

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