The article focuses on the process of how to add participants in the LMS courses. Some of the prerequisites are to have at least one course with lessons and a schedule attached to it.

All students you want to add to a course must have accounts created on your platform first.

Also, you must have created

  • at least one course with lessons, added to that package (packages are optional);
  • at least one schedule for your course.

To add participants to your course:

Step 1

Log into your Learning Management System with your Organisation / Administrator account.

Click on Courses on the menu on your left-side.

Courses list menu
Go to the Courses list or Packages to select a course

Look for the course where you want to add participants.


Step 2

Once there, click on either the Add Participants (if you want to enroll individual students) or Add Groups icon (if you want to enroll a whole group of students at once).

Add participants to a course button
The Preview button will take you to your curses preview page where users can see more details about each course


Step 3

A new window will appear, where you can select the participants/groups, and then select the Schedule for those participants.

Press Save.

Enroll participants
One course may have several different schedules, make sure to give them different titles as well

You will then see a message denoting that you’ve enrolled the participants successfully.

Success message
You have successfully enrolled your students


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