How do I create a course with the Vedamo Learning Management System?

You can create a course in your learning management system in a few simple steps. Note, however, that only Administrators, as well as the Organizational accounts, have access to the course creation page:

  • Log in with your Organizational account. Go to your Dashboard > Courses menu on the left side of the screen. Click the New Course button to create one, then give it a name and description by filling in the boxes, finally add a Teacher/participants and schedule, and click Save.
    The main components of a course are lessons, lesson sections , schedules and participants.
  • Once you have created your course you can click on the Lessons tab and fill in the rest of the details you need for your sessions. Here you can add additional components, such as quizzes, classrooms or assignments and then save the changes. There are four types of sections you can add to each lesson:
    • “Empty section” – Creates an empty section, where you can attach files, such as reading material, pictures, etc.;
    • “Virtual Classroom” – Creates a Virtual Classroom session, for which you can assign a date and time;
    • “Traditional Classroom” – Adds a traditional classroom session, which you can also put in a date and time for;
    • Assignment/Homework – As with the empty section, you can assign files and quizzes here. However, the difference is that you can specify a time frame for your students to access and complete the assignment.
  • Go to the Schedules tab to create а time-frame for each session/lesson you wish to include in your course.

For complete information on how to crate a course, please check THIS article.


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