Can I see a recording of my virtual classroom lesson?

That depends on your role in the system.


If you are a tutor in the virtual classroom, and you have purchased the premium plan, you will always have the option of reviewing the recording. You can review that from the Virtual Classroom Menu, which includes all of your past sessions. Click on the name of the session you want to watch, then click the “Play Recording” button. You can see it from the point of view of each participant.

NOTE: The Interactive Recordings option is only available for the Premium LMS/Virtual Classroom plan.

To find out more on how to access the Interactive Recordings, please click here.


In case you’re a student, there are two possibilities:

Case #1: If you participate in a virtual session as a registered user (Learning Management System only) you may see all your session recordings from the Virtual Classrooms menu. There you will see a list of all your past sessions. Firstly, select the room you want to see by clicking on the room number. Then you will see a “Play recording” button, which will allow you to watch the session. If you don’t have the option of playing recordings, please have in mind that the admin may have disabled them.

Case #2: In case you participate in a virtual classroom session as a guest (no registration required), you will not have access to a recording of your lesson, since watching one requires account access. The virtual classroom plan on VEDAMO does not offer the option of opening a room for registered users. Consult with your tutor in case you want to view the recording.

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