VEDAMO Virtual Classroom Offers LTI Integration with Moodle. How to Add VEDAMO Virtual Classroom as an Assignment in Moodle.

Log in to Moodle as a manager, course creator, or teacher.

Locate the course and lesson you would like to work with and add VEDAMO Virtual Classroom as an External Tool.

  • Click “Add an activity or resource”

  • Select External Tool.
  • In the next window choose an activity name and from the Preconfigured Tool dropdown list choose VEDAMO VC.

  • Click on Add an Activity or Resource.
  • Select Assignment.
  • Choose an Assignment Name and description – these must contain a link leading to VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom External Tool.
  • Select Display Description on Course Page.
  • Select Availability and Due Date for the assignment.


  • Select Save and Return to Course.
  • To add participants to an assignment in VEDAMO Virtual Classroom select Edit next to the assignment and then Assign Roles.

  • The assignment will be displayed in both your and your students’ dashboards.

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